How to Install Office 2013 & Office 2016

Please follow these instructions very closely as the installation process has many potential issues, some of which are irreversible. If you haven't already, please check the system requirements to confirm your system can run the version of Office that you're trying to install. Office 2013 (not 365) can only be used on Windows 7 and Windows 8, it will NOT work on XP, Vista, or any Mac products.

Before beginning, here are a few tips recommended by Microsoft:

Installation Instructions:

1. Open the following link in a new tab:

Tip: Make sure that you are signed into the Microsoft account you want associated with your product key. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you will have the option to create one.

2. Enter the 25 digit product key without the dashes and press the green Get Started button (See image). Copying and pasting is recommended.

Note: The next step is permanent. The Microsoft account that is used in the next step cannot ever be changed by anyone. Take note of the account that is used, it will be required to re-download the software in the future.

If you purchased multiple units of the same product it is highly recommended that you use a unique Microsoft account for each product key. Once redeemed the licenses are indistinguishable in your account.

3. Sign in to your existing Microsoft Account or select Sign up now if you do not have one (see image). There is an email verification process for new accounts.

Note: Temporarily disable any firewall/anti-virus/internet security before starting the next step as it is known to cause issues.

4. Click the install button to download the installation files. The installation defaults to 32bit which is recommended by Microsoft, but if you require the 64bit download file select Additional Install Options (see image).

Internet Explorer will ask you if you want to run or save the file at the bottom of the page (see image). We recommend saving the file before running it.

5. Run the installation file once the download completes. If you’re having trouble locating the file, go back to your web browser and press Ctrl+J. This will show a list of your downloads. Find the setup file and select run from the list (see image). If you are asked if you want to allow this file to make changes to your computer select yes.

6. Office will begin installing in the background (see image). Follow the installation guide that pops up during installation. While it does state that you can use your programs, we recommend waiting until the process is complete.


 7. Open the software to finalize the activation. If an Office suite was purchased you can open any application.

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